Our Strategy

Focused investments with quick action.

Opportunistic and distressed investing is our foundational strategy as real estate investment specialists focusing on multifamily assets in specific markets. Our team consistently finds a wide range of opportunities to deploy capital on behalf of investors across changing economic environments and evolving market cycles.

Stabilized and underperforming properties that offer a significant capital appreciation, while supplementing returns with current cash flow.

Properties with inadequate capitalization, prior mismanagement or poor leasing strategies Vacant or very low occupancy (multifamily) properties requiring renovation and/or repositioning.

Properties that qualify for tax credit incentives (low income housing tax credits, historic and new market tax credits).

Non-performing loans collateralized by commercial or multifamily real estate that can be acquired and converted into direct real property.

Strategic Target Markets

Our target market will encompass areas with the following characteristics, demographic growth over long periods of time, sustainable median income growth, low unemployment, and trending low crime rates.  Overall, we are looking for a strong tailwind and feel like these are key metrics that help to drive success in the local markets we invest in.

Our Process

We find deals through our network of real estate brokers, loan servicers, special asset managers, and debt brokers. 

Deal Generation

Study the demographics, understand the economic drivers and locate underperforming assets.


Due Diligence

Unpack the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the investment so we know the health of the asset and can see where to force appreciation. 

Value Add

Execute on the deficiencies uncovered through due diligence, layer in tax credits when available and use our financial and human capital to force appreciation.


With a proven product we go back to the marketplace to sell the asset.


  • Joined with Harbor Capital in 2008 to deploy funds into value add and nonperforming loans collateralized by multifamily and commercial real estate.
  • Started Vine Investment Partners after running and managing ($100,000,000 portfolio) a development and property management company that specializes in restoring historic properties utilizing tax credits to fund development.  

General Partners

Our general partnership relationships have been formed and forged over the years of doing business with family offices and high net worth individuals that have an interest in risk adjusted returns offered through real estate. Collectively our general partnership owns the following assets broken out by category:

  • Hospitality – 1,623 Rooms with flagships of Ritz Carlton and Hilton.
  • Multifamily – 3,365 multifamily units (LIHTC and Market Rate)
  • Office – 845,000 SF
  • Medical – 75,000 SF
  • Industrial – 272,000 SF
  • Retail – 370,000 SF
Whether through hospitality, multifamily or any class of real estate we do our best to find incentives to add to our capital stack or to reduce operating costs.

Working with Us

When you invest with Vine Investment Partners you can expect the following: 


Total Investment Visibility

Our investors receive quarterly (or as requested) reports detailing financial and management updates across the entire portfolio. We also have a yearly financial audit completed by a 3rd party CPA firm.


An Open Door Policy

Our investors get complete candor, no fluff, and no games.



Our investment process helps us to identify deals that are attractive. If the metrics or tolerances don’t align its important to walk away.

Investment Operation Details

Projected Targeted Returns

Targeted returns are LP-IRR of 15%.

Our Capital Stack

We are using investor equity to purchase assets with leverage. Limited partners will not personally guarantee primary debt and when possible we will add tax credit equity on assets that qualify.

Investment Commitment Period

5-7-year commitment.


Vine GP, LLC participates as the General Partner (the “GP”) and investors participate as Limited Partners.  Each property is owned by a single purpose entity owned by the LP entity.

Distribution Waterfall

8% preferred return yearly (simple interest) to LP’s.  Once LP capital is returned LP’s will receive a 70% portion of profits.

Management Fees

The investment manager will charge the following fees:

  • 1.5% on placed/unreturned capital (yearly).
  • 1% acquisition fee.
  • 1% disposition fee and a 3% fee if there are no brokers involved.
  • Developer fees paid on properties requiring substantial development. Market rate fee will be applied.

Reach Out 

Vine Investment Partners welcomes new investors and deal sourcing channels. We would be glad to meet and discuss more details about investing with us.