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Vine Investment Partners demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by actively engaging in green investment opportunities, aligning financial success with environmental impact.

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Banks, corporations, insurance companies and family offices strategically lower their effective tax rate by investing their tax liability in federal tax credits. Connect with us to invest in federal tax credits.


Developers seeking tax equity partners to monetize federal tax credits. Connect with us to monetize your federal tax credits.

Our Services


• Project origination • Financial analysis • Legal due diligence • Transaction coordination and management • Investment management for Tax Credit Fund (throughout compliance period)


• Investment analysis • Legal structuring • Tax equity provider • Transaction coordination and management

Our investment interest

Join a trusted partner dedicated to monetizing federal credit tax incentives into invested equity and making an economic, environmental and social impact.

• Carbon Oxide Sequestration (45Q)

• Clean Hydrogen (45V)

• Investment Tax Credit (48, 48E)

• Low Income Housing Tax Credit (42)

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About Us

Vine Investment Partners functions as a federal tax credit investment management firm, with expertise in originating and overseeing tax credit funds. Our investor base is diverse and sophisticated, ranging from investment-grade investors to Fortune 15 companies and trusted community banks.

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